What is TubYsol®? TubYsol is a system that allows natural lighting of interior spaces. For this it captures the light of the sun at any time of day, even with the cloudy sky and transports it to the zone or chosen space diffusing it in the room through a ceiling. The TubYsol tube has been developed to achieve the maximum capture of sunlight from 0 to 45ºc of sunshine. In such a way that in the hours in which the sun is lower the uptake will remain optimal.


Advantages of TubYsol®

icono1 One of the main concerns in a house or building is to preserve the thermal and acoustic insulation thereof, when using TubYsol® we are favoring the maintenance of said insulation, since this system has been designed in such a way that the acoustics are not transmitted to Through it, due to the sealed chamber that is formed inside the tube that avoids the transmission of external noises, also thermally does not produce heat loss in winter or cold in summer.

icono3 TubYsol® filters out UV rays so the transmitted light is healthy and beneficial. The TubYsol® system requires no maintenance of any kind remaining unchanged and with the same performance throughout the life of the system. TubYsol® tubular skylight is designed to prevent the transmission of outside temperature to the interior of the house.

You can cross different levels of the building icono2

The TubYsol® system has the advantage over other natural lighting systems, to be able to cross different levels of the building, so that we have an attic and under it there is an area without natural light, TubYsol® tube could bring the lighting to The lower area across the loft.

icono4The installation of a TubYsol® solar tube is done in about 4 hours in the case of a conventional installation, so that very quickly we can have natural light in any area of ​​the house or building chosen.

Efficiency and guarantee

Tubysol® is the most reliable tube on the market. Thanks to the PVD process applied to aluminum, the reflective layers are adhered to the aluminum base forming a whole, thus TubYsol® can guarantee for 25 years, that the lighting provided in the interior will remain stable and unalterable throughout the years.

Accessories and complements

TubYsol® offers a wide range of accessories and accessories. Integral light kit: This accessory allows electric light through the TubYsol® ceiling. Gradual electrical closure: This complement allows graduating the amount of sunlight that enters the room through the tube. Chimney extension: This accessory allows to raise TubYsol® on the roof to avoid shading of other facilities. Diameters TubYsol® has an extensive range of diameters and measures that adapt to the needs of the chosen space whether it be a private dwelling or a professional space. The following table establishes the amount of lux provided by the system in each of the seasons of the year, and its comparison with a 100w bulb.


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  Below are examples of TubYsol® solar tube installations