•     3D interior and exterior design (SEE IT before doing so)
  •    We put tiles, gresite, parquet, concrete, prints, soladas in stone of river …
  •    We install continuous lining WALLS AND FLOOR totally smooth without joints.
  •    Shower trays and countertops in LUXURY natural stone at the price of porcelain.
  •    Works with approved scaffold DO NOT PAY RENT, only the assembly.
  •    We install NEW FACADE single layer mortar in one pass.
  •    We install acrylic mortar, indoor and outdoor waterproof and anti-mold.
  •    Insulation inside or outside, against cold and heat.
  •    Roof without problems of leaks nor wind EVERYTHING FOOTPRINT at loose price.
  •    Installation of Tubysol® LUZ NATURAL solar tubes in interiors, living room, hallway, bathroom …
  •    Waterproofing of all kinds, rendering it or covering it in transparent color.
  •    Treatments of ancient and modern humidities.
  •    Treatments against the aluminosis.
  •    Imitations in stone mortar, aged …
  •    New work homologated and guaranteed.
  •    Reforms with style, ancient, modern, fused …
  •    We install cork projected against cold, heat and noise.


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